Wuikinuxv Territory

Into the Wild

Located midway up the coast of BC in the heart of one of the world’s largest remaining tracts of temperate rainforest, Rivers Inlet is the traditional territory of the Wuikinuxv (Oweekeno) First Nations.

The destination is wild and rugged but at Good Hope you'll find creature comforts.


There is so much to do in and around the inlet including bear and whale watching, dolphin hunting (with a camera), all forms of water sports and activities like our budding SCUBA program. You can go heli touring to glaciers or to remote sandy beaches (or perhaps some secret hot springs), and relax around the cannery. Enjoy the sun from one of our decks or boardwalks and do pretty much whatever you want.


And yes, some guests still enjoy either fresh or salt water fishing.


Over the years we have come to appreciate the very special Chinook salmon which run up the Wannock river and together with our friends and neighbours at Duncanby Lodge we successfully designated the head of the inlet a special management zone with reduced catch limits of Chinook.

Our policy and suggestion to all anglers is to release all Chinook.


What We Care About

The Good Hope Cannery is inspired by, supports and sponsors a number of initiatives, research and conservations efforts.

Here are some of them.