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Rivers Inlet

Rivers Inlet is a rugged, beautiful, isolated fjord approximately 40 kms long and 3 km wide carved out of our coastal mountains by ancient glaciers whose emerald green runoff meets the nutrient rich Pacific Ocean.


Located mid way up the coast of BC on the "central coast" in the heart of one of the world’s largest remaining tracts of temperate rainforest, Rivers Inlet is the traditional territory of the Wuikinuxv (Oweekeno) First Nations. Rivers Inlet epitomizes a unique coastal environment, with rich and diverse marine resources that have sustained First Nations people for thousands of years, and that continue to sustain high value commercial and recreational fisheries, forestry, transportation and tourism.

Rivers Inlet together with two major side branches (Moses and Drainey Inlets), represents a significant area of coastal marine habitat. Deeply scoured during glacial periods, the fjord is generally uniformly deep (200-300m) and has a relatively deep sill at its mouth, before opening into Queen Charlotte Sound. The head of the inlet is formed by an upper sill above which the U shaped glacial valley continues eastwards as Oweekeno Lake, equal in size to the inlet itself.


Numerous rivers and streams flow into the lake, draining an extensive glacial fed watershed of ~4100 km2. The lake feeds into the inlet proper via the short Wannock River.